The finest academic courses in New Zealand

Academic Excellence

Woodford House is proud to offer some of the finest academic courses in New Zealand. Our girls are inspired, guided and encouraged by passionate teachers who are experts in their fields, from national ambassadors, advisors and examiners to academic doctors.

Rich learning happens every minute of the day at Woodford House and it does not stop at the end of the school day. Girls have ongoing access to tutorials, an extensive suite of resources and can easily engage with teachers through our online learning system called Schoology.

We are proud to have a history of outstanding academic excellence. Our NCEA results continue to exceed national averages and the number of girls who are awarded NZQA Scholarship increases year on year.

One of our teachers during class
Group of Woodford student busy studying

NCEA Success

One of our key objectives is to consistently achieve outstanding academic outcomes.

We are proud to have a history of outstanding academic excellence and our NCEA results continue to exceed national averages.

In 2023:

  • We received a 100% pass rate across NCEA Levels 1 & 3, and 98% for Level 2
  • 100% of our Year 13 students gained University Entrance

Woodford House ranks 9th place

Crimson Education has released its annual Top 50 Schools Report for 2024, which ranks Woodford House in 9th place amongst the top schools in New Zealand. This is the second consecutive year we have held this place.

The rankings, now in their sixth year, provide a clear measure of the best 50 schools in New Zealand, based on their ability to prepare students to gain admission into the top ranked universities in the world.

Personalised Learning

We recognise that one size does not fit all in education. Every girl is a unique individual with different strengths, challenges and interests. Our highly regarded personalised learning programmes are developed in partnership with teachers, students and their caregivers to allow each student the opportunity to achieve her personal best.

Tikanga Māori and te reo Māori

Tikanga Māori and te reo Māori are integrated into the Year 7 to 10 programme and other curriculum areas as appropriate.
All departments make relevant curriculum and mana whenua links in EOTC and curriculum subjects.
We maintain, monitor and celebrate achievement of Māori students across all four cornerstones, and equip and support our Māori students to set academic goals of personal excellence.

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