Global Education

Global education at a New Zealand high school

The Global Education team has established a strong and valued presence internationally for our New Zealand high school. Our vision is to promote and facilitate a global perspective that is aligned towards a sustainable future throughout the teaching and learning curriculum.

Our students are our future leaders and they need to be equipped with the relevant skills to be able to cope with the unknown and compete in an increasingly globalised market. We focus on global citizenship as it is key to success in life and work. Our aim is to empower our girls to participate effectively and confidently in shaping a better and sustainable world.

Our international student at the athletics meet

Global Education aims to:

  • Enhance the cultural diversity of the Woodford House school community and celebrate the global village that we are

  • Raise awareness and increase the level of understanding of the connectedness and interdependence of our global society and its significant challenges

  • Develop the skills, attitudes and values that enable our young women to work in a cross-cultural environment towards a more just and sustainable world.


Our Global Education team seeks to achieve these goals to promote cultural engagement, understanding and communication through activities including orientation programme, Festival of Cultures, game nights and international cooking events. Woodford House also continues to expand its international partner network to create more opportunities for staff and students to interact, learn, and benchmark ourselves against global education standards.

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