Guided by outstanding teaching leadership

Woodford House is guided by outstanding teaching leadership including Principal Mrs Julie Peterson, Deputy Principals Mrs Stephanie Russell and Mr Paul Dine, and Assistant Principal Mrs Rachel Roberts.


Mrs Julie Peterson

BA (English), Dip Hort with Distinction, DipTchg

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Stephanie Russell

BA(Hons) Eng, DipTchg

Deputy Principal
Student Wellbeing, English

Mr Paul Dine

BTech (Hons), DipTchg

Deputy Principal
Teaching and Learning, Chemistry

Mrs Rachel Roberts

BA (Hons) History, PGCEd

Deputy Principal
Student Outcomes, History, Commerce

Key Contacts

Mr Ted Jones
BA , Business and Operations Manager

Ms Danielle Rieter
BA, MTchgLn Drama Acting Director of Performing Arts

Mr Alex Nixon
BA, BBS, GradDipTchg Director of Sport

Reverend Raewyn Hedge
BEd, DipTchg (Prim) Chaplain

Mrs Sandra Flessak
Acting Director of Global Education

Mrs Rebecca Ainsworth
BCom, Director of Communications


Director of Boarding | Operations
Mrs Joyce Clark

Director of Boarding | Pastoral
Mrs Kelly Ives
BPhEd (Hons), QTSTchg


Mrs Lynn McKenna
BSc (Hons), DipTchg

Ms Carissa Vaughan
BCA, LLB, CA, DipTchg

Mrs Annabel Flynn
BPhEd, MTchgLn

Mrs Annette Watson
BPhEd, DipTchg

Mr Andrew Plant
MA (Hons), DipTchg

Health Centre

Mrs Caryn Williams
Bachelor of Nursing

Ms Mary Tylee
Bachelor of Nursing; Post Grad Mental Health

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Woodford House

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