Shine Programme

A girls college that builds strengths for life

What is the Shine Programme?

The leadership team at Woodford House girls college recognise that some of the richest learning happens outside of the classroom. Following our Principal Julie Peterson’s decades in education, it was her realisation that even the best education on offer today does not prepare girls for the life journey that is in front of them. It is her vision that every girl has the natural character that allows her to handle anything that lies ahead. Julie wanted to create a way to connect girls with their innate strengths earlier in their lives, reducing their anxiety about their futures and launching them to the wider world with confidence and curiosity.

One of our shine mentors giving a speach

The goal of the Shine programme is to make the connection between girls and their inner strengths. Julie’s strong intuition is that these are best learned outside the classroom through personal stories of others who have been down the road ahead. Shine was founded on the concept of ‘narrative mentoring’, where Shine Mentors share stories in an informal setting.

The stories shared are based on 12 Shine Strengths. Click the 12 Shine Strengths to view pdf:

Our Shine programme is supported by over 100 Mentors from across the country. They bring the magic of experience and allow each Shine Strength to come alive through powerful story-telling. This effective way of learning enables girls to recall stories of Mentors and put them in their own ‘life-skills toolkit’ – ready to pull them out one by one when situations in their own lives call on them. This could be tomorrow or 15 years down the track.

Each Woodford House senior girl will go through the two-year Shine Strengths programme, uncovering each Shine Strength in detail. Our junior girls are introduced to the Shine programme early in their time at Woodford House.

One of our shine mentors with a group of students

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