10 Year Masterplan

In mid-2020 the Woodford House Trust Board signed off the first stage of developing a ten year Masterplan, to future proof the school for the next 50-100 years. RTA Studios was contracted to produce a roadmap for the future development of the campus.

Priorities were established based on the vision of the school, the need to future proof it and to enable decisions to be made in an informed and economically responsible way.

Our school was compared to a ‘Hilltop town’ with significant buildings such as our Chapel having a strong presence and significance at the centre of the school. It was identified a clear pathway was required that was welcoming for both students, staff and visitors.

The priorities of the Board are to:

  • Ensure each learning space is inspiring and fit for purpose
  • Increase boarding capacity
  • Upgrade the standard of our boarding facilities
  • Provide functional support spaces for staff
  • Enhance the aesthetic appeal and flow of the school.


As we are a boarding school, the main priorities are improving and increasing the quantity of teaching and learning spaces and infrastructure, while also ensuring we have capacity in boarding to cater for our students.

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