Junior school

A progressive girls secondary school

The discovery years in Junior school

Woodford House is a progressive girls secondary school. Years 9 and 10 are primary years for self-discovery, growth and independence. For some girls, it is their first year at our school and a big step from the familiarity of Intermediate.

Woodford House provides a safe and supportive environment where girls can navigate their way through the triumphs and challenges of life as a teenager.

Teaching and learning

Teaching and learning are based on the New Zealand National Curriculum with a focus on developing confident, autonomous learners who are in charge of their own learning.

Girls in Year 9 study a common range of core courses as well as a language or literacy assistance class. Digital technology is integrated throughout the curriculum with a particular focus on coding, robotics and digital design in Year 9.

Girls in Year 10 select from a range of core courses and two, three or four optional courses.

Gaining Independence

During Years 9 and 10, girls start to gain a deeper appreciation of the world around them and a greater sense of independence. Both year groups experience education outside of the classroom designed to help girls develop key competencies while exploring their values and the values of others.

Year 9 girls take part in an overnight camp within Hawke’s Bay to encourage communication, commitment, participation and responsibility in the outdoors. In Year 10, girls travel further afield to Hillary Outdoors Tongariro for a week-long camp designed to develop skills in teamwork, communal living, self-leadership and environmental care.

Through these opportunities, girls experience personal growth and develop skills in cooperation and self-leadership.


Girls are encouraged to accept challenges and embrace new adventures across the school’s four cornerstones as they prepare themselves for the Senior School.

Careers advice is part of the Year 10 programme and the Careers Adviser is available for individual interviews.

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