Woodford House school publications

2024 Prospectus

Our Prospectus gives an overview of the School and what we have to offer.


Our school publications include the Tempus magazine, which is published once a year and contains stories about all aspects of school life. It also shares stories about Old Girls and provides thought leadership on education. This is posted and/or emailed to our community.

The Chronicle

At Woodford House we nurture tradition. Our Chronicle has been produced annually for over 100 years. Originally titled ‘Ye Woodford Chronycle,’ it was a record of the major events of the year. It was printed black and white, was half the size of its format today and had very few photos. Needless to say, it has come a long way since this humble beginning.

Today, it remains as a yearbook,  involving a significant commitment from our students and staff, who research content and information, write and edit and also design pages.

As with any magazine, we have an editor, content coordinators and designers, giving our girls the experience of producing a  professionally produced publication from beginning to end. Please enjoy the current and past editions as a window into student and school life.

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