Why Woodford House?

Shining the way for boarding schools NZ

Woodford House shines the way for boarding schools NZ. Everything we do at Woodford House is focused on the ongoing learning and personal excellence of the girls. Our small class sizes and exceptional teachers provide each girl with the opportunity to excel in her own learning goals.

Alongside our rich history and traditional values, we are focused on the future. The student is at the centre of a personalised learning programme that builds their skills, experiences, competencies, attitude and resilience required to move into life roles that will see them influence, participate, inspire and grow to be exceptional women.

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Our senior shine students mentoring younger students

Where girls shine brighter

Woodford House is an all girls school where every girl's light is ignited. There's something different about a Woodford House girl...

Our Four Cornerstones

Situated on 18-hectares of beautiful park-like grounds, Woodford House is a jewel among Havelock North schools...

One of our teachers during class

Exceptional Teachers

The teachers at Woodford House are experts in their field, which is one of the reasons we are among the top schools in New Zealand...

Why a girls school?

Why choose a girls boarding school? In a learning environment dedicated to girls and without competition and social pressure from boys...


Woodford House may be the best high school in New Zealand and we nourish the wellbeing of our girls. Ours is a small school...


To Excellence

Pre-Enrol at

Woodford House

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