Where girls shine brighter

Every light shines brightly at our all girls school

Woodford House is an all girls school where every girl's light is ignited.

There’s something different about a Woodford House girl. Strength of character, sense of purpose and an understanding of the people around her. More than her grades, her awards and achievements, a Woodford House girl leaves our school with her inner light ignited.

It’s our role to guide every girl so that her personality and potential is revealed. That potential is different for every girl. It may mean academic success, sporting achievements or spiritual growth. We nurture each girl so that her light shines through and shines brighter.

Read about some of our girls and their stories below.

Katie, a student who attends Woodford House

“I found my voice and my confidence.”

Katie Greenwood-Beard | Year 11 2021

“When I first started at Woodford House I was very shy. I loved music and singing, but I thought there was no way I could sing solo.

Luckily, my Performing Arts teacher saw something in me that I didn’t and encouraged me to sing the song ‘Memory’ in front of the whole school.

After that I knew I could sing and I had the confidence do it again. I felt incredibly supported to be the best I can be and give new things a try. I’m now in the Chapel Choir and sometimes sing solo. I’ve also joined Rockquest, National Youth Drama and the debating team.

Having confidence in myself means I have the power to do anything.”

“I feel happy when I help others to be happy.”

Man Lok Tsang | Year 12 2021

“When I was small, growing up in Hong Kong, I loved to draw and design things, but this wasn’t offered as a subject at my old school.

I found schooling fast and stressful, as I like to learn at my own pace. My Mother suggested I go to school in New Zealand – she had heard about Woodford House.

So here I am years later as a boarder. I live with lots of girls, which has helped me to learn about other people. I love to sew, something I learnt when I arrived at School. It helps me to focus and relax. Through sewing I discovered my passion for helping other people and making many dresses for ‘Dress a Girl’ – a charity established to dress girls in the islands.

Woodford House has helped me understand what giving service is and has inspired me to help others.”

Man Lok Tsang international student from Hong Kong
Anna Wilson - strive to be in our 1st XI hockey team

“I can achieve anything when I set goals for myself”

Anna Wilson | Year 10 2021

“I came to Woodford House in Year 7 from a small country school. There wasn’t much choice for sport at my old school, so a raft of options opened up for me to try.

I found that Hockey was my passion and my ultimate goal was to be selected for the 1st XI Hockey team. When the challenge of recovering from a broken leg put the brakes on that, I realised I wanted it even more.

I was invited to join the Woodford House Sports Academy and through the use of strength and conditioning training and amazing coaching, I developed my fitness, strength and skill level. The Academy taught me to be driven and set goals, while maintaining balance. The great news is I was selected for the 1st XI this year and what I’ve learnt has helped me transfer valuable skills to the classroom. My grades have improved too.

Realising my goals on the hockey turf makes everything else feel achievable.”

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