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Like a top private high school for girls, with a difference.

Woodford House is an integrated school with all the benefits of a top private high school. It has a rich history of empowering young women for the brightest possible future. We are committed to excellent and personalised learning where the girl is at the centre. Our students are supported by a caring network of teachers, guides and leaders who ensure the head, heart and hands are engaged throughout their years with us.

From their first day to their last, every girl is seen as a unique individual with different strengths, challenges and interests. Our highly regarded learning programmes are developed in partnership with teachers, students and their caregivers to allow each student the opportunity to shine.

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5 Woodford students on a playground


Settling into Intermediate school. Woodford House is one of the finest girl prep schools in the country. From the very first day a student...

Group of Woodford students walking up stairs

Junior School

Woodford House is a progressive girls secondary school. Years 9 and 10 are primary years for self-discovery, growth...

5 senior Woodford students

Senior School

The senior years at our all girls high school are when girls start to see their future beyond Woodford House more clearly...

Your shine program mentors young girls

Careers Planning

Woodford House equips young women to embrace the brightest possible future and career planning...

Group of Woodford student busy studying


With some of the finest facilities amongst Hawke's Bay schools, when you arrive at Woodford House you get the feeling you have entered...

Woodford's performance at showquest

School Calendar

Key dates and events at Woodford House.

Fresh food being served to Woodford students


Woodford House partners with highly-regarded Hawke's Bay catering company Orton's who have been catering events for 35 years...

A group of Woodford student studying hard


These scholarships are for Maori secondary school students, who are commencing Year 9 of their education at an approved Anglican...


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