Senior school

An all girls high school supporting leadership

Thriving in the Senior years

The senior years at our all girls high school are when girls start to see their future beyond Woodford House more clearly. It is when their dreams turn into ambitious visions that will not only shape their world – but the world.

Senior students at Woodford
Woodford students studying maths

Teaching and Learning

Years 11-13 are some of the most important academic years of a girl’s life. Woodford House provides a stimulating environment that empowers girls to be more than they thought was possible. Our Shine programme endorses this idea by igniting the wonder and possibility within each girl.

Senior course programmes are personalised to help each girl reach their own learning goals.

From Year 12, girls are invited to join the Woodford House Scholarship Academy to strengthen their chances of NZQA Scholarship.

We are proud to have a history of academic excellence and our NCEA results continue to exceed national averages.

Graduates of Woodford House

We are proud that students who graduate from Woodford House do so with life skills such as tolerance, resilience, confidence and curiosity to successfully navigate their way through an ever-changing world.

Leadership opportunities

All of our girls are given leadership opportunities and encouraged to lead, even if it does not come naturally for them at first. Learning that they have leadership skills is a powerful self-development awakening for all of our students.

Pre-Enrol at

Woodford House

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