2023 Performing Arts, Design & Creative Technologies Awards

On Friday 13 October, we held our annual Performing Arts, Design & Creative Technologies Awards Breakfast to recognise the outstanding achievements of our students.

As Director of Performing Arts, Ms Jo Cakebread, mentioned in her opening address, the Cultural Cornerstone has been thriving throughout the year. 

Our girls should be incredibly proud of their efforts, dedication and achievements. Thank you to our staff and tutors who provide their expertise and time to support our students and provide them with wonderful opportunities. 

Photos capturing the award winners are available to view and download below.


Visual Art, Design and Creative Technologies

Technical Skills in Senior Materials Design: Aroha Kent
Creativity in Junior Materials Design: Ella Rouse
Tutor’s Award for Textiles Related Design: Charli Waihape
Tutor’s Award for Communication Design: Lucy Murphy
Tutor’s Award for Senior Art: Kiki Wong
Tutor’s Award for Junior Art: Elsie Plummer
Tutor’s Award for Photography: Katy Zhuang
Tutor’s Award for Product and Spatial Design: Zoe Coyle
Junior Photo Club – Greatest Participation: Ella Bowie & Grace Feltham
Junior Photo Club – Images Most Voted for by her Peers: Ella Bowie
Junior Photo Club: Ella Bowie – Certificate, Libby Bowie, Florence Dear, Grace Feltham, Cara Jopling, Mami Koizumi, Elsie Plummer, Phoebe Mitchell – Badges
Woodford House Photography Competition – Senior Category: Movement: Katy Zhuang
Woodford House Photography Competition – Junior Category: Rust: Lily Nimon
Woodford House Photography Competition – Open Category: Stairs: Phoebe Mitchell
Scannell Cup: Tamzin Buck
Award for Chronicle: Cover Design: Euna Kim

Cultural, Dance, Drama

Most Valued Contribution to Debating: Sophie Webber
Most Valued Contribution to Public Speaking: Nikki Mnyanyi
Most Valued Contribution to Kapa Haka: Hineatauira Pahuru-Kaa
Most Valued Contribution to Arts Management: Grace Haliburton
Most Valued Contribution to Dance: Esther Dear, Zara McGillicuddy, Sophie Westwood
Most Valued Contribution to Theatre Production: Libby Jackson
Services to Drama: Madeleine Ives
FAMSS Cup for Resilience in Drama: Ella Good


Practical Services to the Music Department: Kiki Wong
Most Effective Arts Leadership in the Music Department: Gabriella Jones
Most Valued Member of an Instrumental Ensemble: Gabriella Jones
Tutor’s Award for Piano Tuition: Katy Zhuang
Tutor’s Award for Guitar Tuition: Chloe Livingston
Tutor’s Award for Vocal Tuition: Rhiannon McGahey
Tutor’s Award for Instrumental Tuition: Kiki Wong
Most Valued Member of Up Close: Meg Chilton
Most Valued Member of Chapel Choir: Grace Haliburton
Composition and Song Writing Award: Katie Greenwood-Beard
Adjudicator’s Award for Music Cup: Meghan Wuisan
Most Valued Contribution from a Performance Group: Jugki Trio – Grace Haliburton, Jua Kim and Kiki Wong.

Excellence Awards

Ella Arthur: Kapa Haka
Tamzin Buck: Visual Arts, Design
Zoe Coyle: Design
Daisy Ding: Chapel Choir, Visual Arts, Design
Zoe Elliott: Design
Katie Greenwood-Beard: Chapel Choir, Up Close, Arts Committee, Production, Chamber Music
Grace Haliburton: Arts Prefect, Chapel Choir, Chamber Music, Production, Rock Band
Rose Harwood: Production, Arts Committee
Nina Holden: Head of Design, Arts Committee
Katie Jackson: Technical, Up Close, Arts Committee
Ruby Martin: Design
Rosa McCleary: Visual Arts, Painting
Paige McGillicuddy: Photography, Design, Painting
Sophie McLay: Design
Scarlett Miller: Assistant Arts Prefect, Visual Arts, Rock Band
Nikki Mnyanyi: Drama, Debating, Public Speaking, Production
Phing Srinutapong: Orchestra, Showquest, Chamber Music
Elle Williams: Design
Meghan Wuisan: Chamber Music, Visual Arts, Painting, Technical
Katy Zhuang: Production, Arts Committee, Up Close, Photography, Intermediate Choir Leader

Premium Awards

Kerr Trophy for Outstanding Contribution to the Arts: Meghan Wuisan and Scarlett Miller
Actor of the Year: Nikki Mnyanyi
Junior Musician of the Year: Mami Koizumi
Musician of the Year: Jua Kim
Gunson Cup for Achievement in Performing Arts from an Intermediate Student: Phoebe Nettle
Principal’s Award for Excellence in the Arts: Meghan Wuisan.