Prefects of 2023

We held a special assembly on 30 January to announce our Prefect team.  Our Prefect team of 16 have an incredibly important role in the leadership of our school and we know each of our new Prefects will make a significant contribution to every student.
Congratulations to;
Katie Jackson – Head Prefect
Nikki Mnyanyi – Deputy Head Prefect
Meghan Wuisan – Academic Prefect
Grace Haliburton – Arts Prefect
Rose Robertson – Boarding Prefect
Rose Harwood – Chapel Prefect
Sophie Ward – Communications Prefect
Isla Collings – Frimley Prefect
Katy Zhuang – Global Prefect
Makaela Priscott – Innovation Prefect
Ruby Martin – Rouncil Prefect
Lauren Ainsworth – Service Prefect
Zoe Elliott – Sports Prefect
Jzirah Ridley – Tauroa Prefect
Alex Cave – Wallingford Prefect
Molly Kinnear – Wellbeing Prefect