Electronic Device Contract (Including Phones)

Device Misuse

If devices are misused in any way they can be confiscated for up to four weeks. For example: misuse of school wifi, bringing multiple devices to school, not handing in devices at night.  The Director of Boarding has the right to impose confiscation.


FamilyZone is a new initiative we introduced in 2020.  All students are required to have this installed on their devices including phones.  This will work in conjunction with our current Firewall and cybersafety guidelines.

I understand and agree that:
In the Boarding Houses, access to electronic devices differs for specific age groups.  House Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the collection and storage of electronic devices at set times:

  • Years 7 – 9: Use of devices after school must be in one of the boarding house communal areas.
  • Years 10 – 11: Devices can be accessed up until bedtime and only if all other duties have been completed. At bedtime, devices will be turned off and collected by the Boarding Supervisor.
  • Years 12 – 13: Students are encouraged not to use their phones between the hours of 10pm and 6.30am (exemptions may be made for students with parents overseas).

In the Boarding Houses, the following rules for electronic devices will apply:

  • Electronic devices can only be used in the bedrooms for personal use.
  • Movies and other content may be shown on the electronic device with the permission of House Supervisors, providing the content has been vetted and cleared with the House Supervisors.

Weekend Device Use (as per the Boarders Handbook)

  • Seniors Year 11 – 12 do not need to hand in their devices at any stage during the weekend.
  • Juniors Year 7 – 9 must hand in their devices at bedtime during the weekend.
  • Juniors Year 10 must hand in their devices at bedtime during Terms 1, 2 and 3.

Having a mobile phone or other electronic device is a privilege.  If the conditions are not adhered to, this privilege will be withdrawn.