2022 Senior Prizegiving

On Wednesday 2 November, we held our Senior Prizegiving to celebrate student and staff achievement and to farewell our leavers, as we mark the end of another outstanding year at Woodford House.

Photos capturing the award recipients are available to view and download below.

Use password ‘PrizeGiving22’ to download photos.



Level 1 Prizes

Level 1 Art Prize, Product & Spatial Design Prize: Eryn Nairn
Level 1 Food and Nutrition: Rosa Pike
Level 1 Geography Prize: Ella-Michaela Good
Level 1 Materials Technology Prize, History Prize, Mathematics Prize, Physical Education Prize,
Science Prize, English Prize – joint winner:
Sophie Webber
Level 1 Music Prize: Jua Kim
Level 1 Spanish Prize: Jaimee Whittaker
Level 1 Drama Prize: Madeleine Ives
Level 1 Accounting Prize, Level 1 Economics Prize: Lila Fenn
Level 1 English Prize – joint winner: Lydia Burns
Level 1 Te Reo Maori Prize: Millie Allen

Level 2 Prizes

Level 2 Accounting Prize: Alexandra Cave
Level 2 Chemistry Prize – joint winner: Bhummaree (Phing) Srinutapong
Level 2 Communication Design Prize: Nina Holden
Level 2 Drama Prize: Rose Harwood
Level 2 Economics Prize: Jzirah Ridley
Level 2 History Prize – joint winner: Grace Haliburton
Level 2  History Prize – joint winner: Sonja Harris
Level 2 Materials Technology Prize: Tamzin Buck
Level 2 Photography Prize: Saba Green
Level 2 Physical Education Prize – joint winner: Molly Kinnear
Level 2 Science Prize: Tessa Bennett
Level 2 Music Prize, Spanish Prize: Catelyn Greenwood- Beard
Level 2 Food and Nutrition Prize, Mathematics Prize: Catherine Jackson
Level 2 Product & Spatial Design Prize, Physical Education Prize – joint winner: Zoe Elliott
Level 2 Art Painting Prize – joint winner, Classical Studies Prize: Scarlett Miller
Level 2 Biology Prize, Chemistry Prize – joint winner, Geography Prize, Physics Prize: Isla Collings
Level 2 Art Painting Prize – joint winner, English Prize, Mathematics Prize, Level 3 Classical Studies Prize: Meghan Wuisan

Level 3 Prizes

Level 3 Art Painting Prize: Liberty Jackson
Level 3 Business Studies Prize: Jewel Titter
Level 3 Drama Prize: Isabel Westwood
Level 3 Economics Prize: Isabella Ladbrook
Level 3 Food and Nutrition Prize: Rosa Mackenzie
Level 3 French Prize: Jazz Nuku
Level 3 History Prize – joint winner: Mollie Asher
Level 3 History Prize – joint winner: Nicole Mnyanyi
Level 3 Mathematics Prize: Alana Blow
Level 3 Mathematics with Calculus Prize: Shih-Han (Annie) Wang
Level 3 Mathematics (Statistics & Modelling) Prize – joint winner: Amanat Kumar
Level 3 Music Prize: Miharu Nagata
Level 3 Photography Prize: Joelie Scott
Mia Dolce Prize for Best Gateway Student: Sophie Burn
PORSE Education & Training (NZ) Ltd Prize for best STAR student: Zoe Simmonds
Level 3 Materials Technology: India MacIntyre
Level 3 Media English Prize, Spanish Prize: Charlotte Treadwell
Level 3 Communication Design Prize, Geography Prize: Amelia Barrett
Level 3 Chemistry Prize, Product & Spatial Design Prize – joint winner: Man Lok Tsang
Level 3 Accounting Prize, Biology Prize, Physical Education Prize: Martine Sandberg
Level 3 English Prize, Product & Spatial Design Prize – joint winner, Mathematics (Statistics & Modelling) Prize – joint winner, Physics Prize: Ella Simmons


Year 11 Old Girls’ Literature Prize: Rose Noble
Year 12 Old Girls’ Literature Prize: Catherine Jackson
Year 13 Old Girls’ Literature Prize: Liberty Jackson


Newton Williams Cup for Sports Endeavour: Emma de Latour
Senior Sports Cup: Zoe Elliott
Haddington Cup for Leadership and Achievement in Sport: Annabel Kerr


Board of Proprietors’ Art Prize: Scarlett Miller
Genet Cup for Improvement in Speech and Drama: Isabella McGeough
Newson Family Cup for Speech: Maggie Grimshaw
Hartgill Cup for Drama: Millie Lightfoot and Rose Harwood
Kennedy Cup for Senior Music – joint winners: Jua Kim
Georgetti Cup for Debating: Gabriella Jones
Lowry Cup for House Music: Tauroa


Hodge Reading Cup: Charlotte Treadwell
McHardy History Prize: Isabel Westwood
Vincent Barker Essay Cup: Scarlett Miller
Maxwell Cup for Excellence in Clothing: Kayleigh Stubbs
Osborne Mathematics Cup for a Senior Mathematician and the Louise Worsp Cup for Senior Art: Meghan Wuisan
The Frogley Family Cup for Contribution to Young Enterprise – joint winnerIndia Macintyre and Alexandra McGeough
Woodford House Commerce Cup: Isabella Ladbrook
Photography Plate and the Photolife Photography Prize: Peiru (Cherry) Pang
Phillip Knight Memorial Cup for Science: Martine Sandberg and Amanat Kumar
Senior Physical Education Trophy for Distinction and Work Ethic: Emma de Lautour
Shrimpton Cup for Home Economics: Amelia Ross
The Sally Bellerby Cup for Design: Amelia Barrett


Samantha Sullivan
The Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award

Ella Simmons
University of Canterbury Hiranga scholarship, Horomata scholarship, and Engineering Top Achievers Scholarship

Amelia Barrett
Victoria University of Wellington Ruakaraka Scholarship

Jazz Nuku
Victoria University of Wellington Tangiwai Scholarship and University of Otago Māori Entrance Scholarship

Isabel Westwood
University of Canterbury Hiranga Scholarship, Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship and Victoria University of Wellington Tangiwai Scholarship

Amanat Kumar
University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship and University of Auckland Top Achievers Scholarship

Annabel Kerr
AUT welcome to Auckland Scholarship

Emma de Lautour
University of Canterbury Hiranga Scholarship and Otago Leaders of Tomorrow

Liberty Jackson
Victoria University of Wellington Tangiwai Scholarship and University of Canterbury Hiranga Scholarship

Mollie Asher
University of Otago Māori Entrance Scholarship

Jewel Titter
University of Canterbury Hiranga Scholarship and Horomata Scholarship

Claire Wallace
University of Victoria Totoweka Scholarship

Charlotte Treadwell
University of Victoria Tangiwai Scholarship

Martine Sandberg
University of Canterbury Hiranga Scholarship, Business School First Year Scholarship for Excellence and. University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship

Isabella Ladbrook
UC School Leavers’ Hiranga

Charlotte Castell Bateman
University of Otago New Frontiers Entrance Scholarship and. ‘Ko Te Tangata’ School Leavers Scholarship for University of Waikato

Alexandra McGeough
Lions Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme Scholarship for Massey University Business School

Hannah Roberts (Leaver of 2021)
University of Waikato ‘Ko Te Tangata’ School Leavers Scholarship


Service to Music Prize: Student who has upheld standards of leadership, reliability and responsibility: Liberty Jackson
Service to the Chapel Prize: A member of the Chapel Team who has earned it by her commitment to the team, her willingness and her reliability:
Jewel Titter
Library Prize: Awarded to a senior Librarian for reliability, attitude and responsibility: Ruby Jarvis
Makere Mason Cup: Deaf Children New Zealand recognise the effort, achievement and attitudes of the top achievers amongst their members each year. This year’s winner of the Year 11 Makere Mason Trophy is: Amelia Read
The Makena Houston Award: This is awarded each year to a student who has displayed selflessness, strength or courage and who as a result has inspired others by her actions, example or attitude. This year, the award goes to: Alexandra McGeough
The Saint Francis of Assisi Award Cup: This is awarded to a student who, despite facing challenges, has demonstrated commitment and diligence in achieving her learning goals. This year, the award goes to: Ruby Jarvis
The Birdwoods Award: This is an award that is presented to a worthy student who is a recent immigrant or international student who has thrived and adapted well to the School and New Zealand. This year, the award goes to joint winners: Man wai (Harriet Wong) and Man Lok Tsang
Craig Foss Cup for Outstanding Contribution to the Special Character of Woodford House: Outstanding contribution to the Special Character of the School encompassing musical diversity, an emphasis on speech and drama, sporting activities and Christian principles and values. This year, the award goes to: Liberty Jackson
Dillon Tray for Senior Leadership:This is awarded to a non-prefect who has most clearly shown leadership and service to the School. This year, the award goes to: Maggie Grimshaw
The Woodford House Old Girls’ “Gift”: Awarded to a Year 13 student who shows strength of character, gives honest effort and upholds the School’s special character: Jewel Titter
Scoular Cup for All-Round Industry: This is awarded to the student who has had reasonable success in work and sport, and has displayed selflessness, efficiency, attention to duty and loyalty to the school. This year, the award goes to: Isabel Westwood
Shine Cup: This is awarded to a students has demonstarted commitment and leadership to the integrity of Shine: Isabella Ladbrook
Mabel Annie Hodge Cup: This is awarded to the senior student who exemplifies the Woodford House spirit: Ella Simmons
Throp Prize for Citizenship: This is awarded to a student who has, in every way, served the School and who has shown merit in her academic performance. This year, the award goes to: Martine Sandberg
Kate Hutchinson Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to a student who has displayed attributes including: loyalty, honesty, integrity, a caring disposition, participation in school life and who possesses clear leadership and initiative: Sophie Burn
Eagles Trophy for Leadership in Year 12: Awarded to a Year 12 student who shows leadership and upholds the values and attitudes expected at Woodford House: Catherine Jackson
Head Prefect’s Prize: Ella Simmons


Top Scholars for 2022: 

Isabella Ladbrook

Martine Sandberg

Ella Simmons

Man Lok Tsang

Isabel Westwood

Proxime Accessit

Isabel Westwood

2022 Dux

Ella Simmons